Strategic Veterinary Industry Partnerships

O’Brien Veterinary Management (OVM) builds and invests in partnerships among strategically selected:

Specialty & Emergency Veterinary Practices


Many emergency hospitals were founded as partnerships of local practice owners as a way to provide better care for after-hours emergencies. There are advantages to this model, but many of these practices suffer from lack of direction, investment, and consistent leadership. O’Brien Veterinary Management works with emergency practices by:

University Veterinary Programs

Veterinary students

Veterinary colleges have world-class faculty, facilities, and resources at their disposal. Why would they need to work with an outside organization to accomplish their objectives? As centers for higher learning and as providers of advanced veterinary services, university programs face unique challenges:

O’Brien Veterinary Management has worked with leading veterinary colleges to help address these very issues. We provide:

Working With Veterinary Industry Leaders

Business meeting

O’Brien Veterinary Management partners with leaders in the veterinary industry to help develop, evaluate, pilot, and implement new ideas for the veterinary profession. As a veterinary practice acquisition, management, and consulting firm, we are uniquely positioned to provide feedback and execute pilot programs for new and innovative concepts.

New Concept Development and Evaluation

Concept Validation (Test and Learn Environments)

Reference Point for Other Interested Parties

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