Veterinary Practice Acquisition, Management, Consulting, & Affiliated Partnerships

O’Brien Veterinary Management operates, manages, and invests in select veterinary practices. OVM also cultivates partnerships between leading animal hospitals, universities, and other industry businesses to improve quality of care and strategic acumen for veterinarians, educators, and entrepreneurs. Established on the core principle of partnering with veterinarians to achieve excellence in practice operation, our services are tailored to meet the individual needs and objectives of every client.

We are always open to new and innovative business ventures within the world of pet care, and invite you to contact us at any time.

Practice Acquisition & Management

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Based in Illinois, O’Brien Veterinary Management (OVM) approaches practice acquisition and management by tailoring our services to each practice’s needs. Our experienced team takes time to understand your practice’s working culture and get to know your doctors and staff on a personal level.

Selling Your Veterinary Practice

OVM’s practice acquisition process is also designed to meet the goals of each individual practice owner. We believe in:

A Proven Partner in Veterinary Practice Acquisitions

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O’Brien Veterinary Management (OVM) understands the many issues facing practice owners. We have worked with veterinarians in a variety of situations to craft a transition that works best for them.

Questions Practice Owners Must Consider

We understand these issues and will work with you to successfully navigate the sale process.

Acquisition Benefits

Selectively choosing our acquisitions allows us to take a customized approach to each practice:

We will treat your practice as a community-based business in need of customized care, just as we have done with all past acquisitions and partnerships.

Why Choose O’Brien Veterinary Management?

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When you are looking to transition your role as a veterinary practice owner, O’Brien Veterinary Management (OVM) can be a great partner for you and your practice.

Advantages of Working with Us

If you’re interested in working with OVM, we encourage you to browse what we’ve done and contact us today.